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1. 'The Hidden Pain that Shapes Every Man's Life: the Father-Wound'

2. 'The Missing Link in a Man's Life: Reclaim Your Inner Boy and Bring Joy Back Into Your Life'


3. 'The Unseen Strings that Control Masculinity: The Mother-Wound'

Since 2011, George Stoimenov has spoken to audiences worldwide, both in person (in the UK, Zambia, South Africa and Bulgaria) and via the internet (US, Nigeria), on subject relating to men's health, masculinity and men's issues. He has been interviewed on various internet platforms, mainly in the US (see the 'media' page for examples). Although George's services as a motivational speaker are tailor-made to suit male-oriented and male-focused events, the audience doesn't have to be men only.

Apart from subject-focused talks, George is often invited to share his personal story.

From growing up as a deeply-insecure, frightened boy living in his father's shadow in rural Bulgaria, to the murky world of his homeland's nightlife, a brush with organised-crime, drug-use and the endless pursue of meaningless pleasure—George's story leads to a new life and calling in England: but only after a life-changing experience in a remote, sun-baked field in rural Zambia...

George Stoimenov is available for hire, both online and in person, for groups and events that are oriented around men's mental health, men's issues and spiritual and emotional growth for men.


Tenquire and book George Stoimenov for your event, click here.


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