George Stoimenov is the founder and developer of the 'Life Training for Men': a coaching programme for men that encompasses various approaches for the successful development of 'the three things men need for a successful life' — Confidence, Presence, and Character

George works with men in the South East of England, providing Life Training on one-to-one basis to private clients, and group events for organisations and men's groups.

George is the founder of Men's Corner — an online library for men which contains a fast-growing collection of knowledge, created with one objective in mind — men and their ability to live lives of courage, purpose, integrity and passion. (

Since 2011, George Stoimenov has has worked with men from various backgrounds: he has coached business- and charity directors, pastors and church leaders, community project managers, men doing charity work overseas, and men's group leaders in the UK; he has supported asylum seekers, substance-abuse victims, young offenders, mental health patients; he has worked with sex-offenders and people at risk from suicide. 

He is a certified coach and mentor, public speaker, podcaster and writer, and a passionate communicator in the field of men's life, health and wellbeing.

Apart from his work in the UK, George has spoken, and worked with men in Zambia, South Africa,

and Bulgaria.

George Stoimenov and his family live in Eastbourne, East Sussex. 

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''I have been with George for a while now and I can highly recommend him as a great coach, tutor and motivator. He is very focused, yet acutely aware of what is going on in our non-stop, fast-paced world. He takes time to listen and suggests holistic ways you can solve the issues, challenges or hurdles that might be occurring in your life. George advocates self-help while giving you a 'helping hand''. He has been invaluable in helping me prepare my mind, body and soul, whether I'm working in front of the camera or behind it.''