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A word of Latin origin, it literally means 'to have full trust'. When a man fully believes in what he says and does, he is on his  way to a life of fulfillment, success, and purpose — but confidence alone is not enough...


Being fully present, or literally, 'being at hand': the masterful presence of a man is a quality that can bring both his character and the confidence to fully express it, together in a unique, powerful way. A man who is confident in his inner self, and lives in full harmony with his body, is allowing that inner self full expression; he is not afraid of being himself in any situation, and does not feel threatened by the presence of others instead, he welcomes it and thus empowers those around him to be themselves as well. A man who feels secure in who he is inside, and is one with his body, is able to engage life freely without being concerned with how others see him; he is free to live, and make life happen  not to 're-act' to life, but to 'act', and be in charge of his destiny.


Meaning 'a stamping tool' in ancient Greek, this word denotes the ability to be unique, to leave a deep imprint, and to impact the world around oneself, in a deep and lasting way. A man who has explored, discovered, nurtured, and developed every aspect of himself, knows that self well and is certain of the uniqueness and the power of his life. Such a man brings a unique spirit, a new perspective and a different point of view to any situation; his masterful presence is noticed everywhere and his well-defined character causes others to take him seriously. A man with a strong, clear, uncompromising character is easily oriented toward his mission in life; the strength and integrity of that character guide him toward its fulfillment. 

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