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Are you getting up in the morning with a sense of excitement, anticipation and joy, happy to be alive and face the opportunities and challenges of another day?


Are you living daily with a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and hope?


Are you enjoying your life?


Do you feel alive in your body; are you comfortable in it – in the way you move, breathe and feel the sensations of life through it?


Are you often (or ever) able to fully relax, in body and soul – can you be fully at peace with yourself, able to sit in silence, without external distractions, enjoying your own presence?


Are you able to feel the sensations and emotions of daily life with your body?


Are you able to freely express your thoughts, reactions and opinions, without them remaining 'stuck' on the way from your mind, and unable to 'come out' through the expressive faculties of your body?


Do you feel like you are one with your body – that the expression of your inner self is fully manifest through the way your body moves, breathes, and lives?


Do you feel that you can rely on your body – does it feel strong enough, for your own satisfaction and ability to be relaxed and confident within yourself?


Do you love your body?



The Life-Training Programme is a tool with which a man's body becomes one with his inner self, and vice versa. Today, many of us live lives of detachment from our immediate physical surroundings; we live with a constant un-ease and even dis-ease in our bodies. We are led to believe, wrongly, that our 'mind' is an entity by itself, that our inner self is separated from the body, and that, whenever each of these needs care, we can approach them individually, and treat them as if they truly are separate.


But they are not.


When the body suffers any form of hurt or damage, this affects the inner self, and if the degree of that damage is high enough, or persistent enough, the whole person changes on the inside – often, by becoming depressed, bitter, pessimistic, vengeful, etc.; and so it is clear that the inner self can indeed be influenced by the body. On a lighter scale, when our body receives pleasant experiences, we feel good inside, in our inner self.

Spirit, Soul, and Body – the life-force that gives us breath, the personality, and their physical expression – these three are inter-connected, woven into one glorious being – a human being.


But in today's world humans rarely have the time and the space to enjoy that 'being'; we live lives of striving and indulging, of pain and pleasure; we have forgotten how to 'be' and enjoy life…


We must return to our roots – to the physical, visceral reality that human life is; we must return back to our bodies, and become one with them, and with ourselves.


If you are hungry for more – more of life, and more of yourself – if you want to feel more joy and more fulfillment; if you want to experience the world as you were meant to, with your mind but your body as well – and get a fitter, stronger body as well – then this program is for you.


The  'Life Training' will take you higher – to pushing limits you have never hoped to reach; it will take you deeper – to those depths within yourself, where strength, joy and peace flows freely and waits for the outward expression the body was meant to give it.


Those heights might seem unreachable – they might not even be in sight; the entrance to those depths might be barred, and the flow of those life-giving forces dammed…


This is why this training is for you.


You have the key that can set you free; you only need to discover it within yourself, and learn how to use it...


It is time for hard work and new challenges; it is time for true freedom.

You can reclaim your body, and live, breathe, and move freely through it.

You can.



There is no doubt that our emotions affect the way we feel, which in turn affects the way we breathe, move, and exist within our bodies. It is easy to observe how positive emotions affect our whole being – happy and confident people can be easily distinguished from among the rest; the smile, the energetic, engaging behaviour, the proverbial 'spring in the step' – it says it all. The same applies for negative emotions: drooping shoulders, slowness in thought and action, lack of energy and motivation – this too can be easily observed...

But...are not people born this way? Are not some men simply born to be more energetic, confident and outspoken than others? Are not some of us 'naturally' shy, depressive, or simply 'less physical' than others? And what of the body – is it not a mere 'luck' that some men are so motivated and indeed, take pleasure in keeping their bodies fit, while others are simply 'less inclined' to work out and live a healthy lifestyle. And what about the genetics, the hormons, and all the other factors that seem to be stacking the odds against some of us, limiting us in our achievements and experiences in life, while others seem to be free to enjoy life in spirit, soul, and body?


These are good questions...but here is what you must know:

If you want to accept that as your fate, and resign yourself to it, you must know this one thing:

It will be easier.

Life as a victim of one's circumstances is indeed appealing, especially when living in a culture that openly encourages such a form of existence – where there is a name for every real, or imaginary, mental condition, and a comforting category for every sort of 'imbalance', or 'disorder' under the sun...even if they could be easily overcome.

Yes, life of comfort and conformity is easy...

But history is not changed by those who conform; great things are not achieved by those who have chosen the easy path. They have chosen to fight. They have chosen to challenge their circumstances, and, instead of accepting the comforts of their limitations, have chosen to be true to their hearts' desires – the desires we all have.

Those desires call for a better life; they cry out to us in the night, and beg us to take the road less traveled...the road to suffering and pain, but also to fulfillment, meaning, and inextinguishable joy.

You might ask: 'Has my inner emotional life shaped the way I am, has it been at work within me, establishing, affirming, and cementing the patterns of my feelings, behaviour and bodily functions, ever since my childhood?'

The answer is: YES!

You might also ask: 'Can this change – can the inner life be addressed and expressed through the body? Can the body then become stronger and healthier as a result?'

Again, the answer is: YES!

You might then ask again: 'To what degree is such change possible?'

And here is your answer:






Nobody can deny the fact that any kind of victory in life, in physical or intellectual activities, comes – besides the mandatory hard work – as a result of inner resolve, that proverbial 'strength of the will'. All those who have overcome great difficulties, in any form or shape, and have emerged victorious after a struggle of some kind, have one thing in common – a certain kind of inner strength. We can easily observe that in sport, where we often see two opponents who are the same physically, in  a struggle from which only the one who is stronger on the inside emerges as victor. Language, too, bears witness to this: we urge one another to 'take heart', 'take courage', or show more 'willpower'.

People who are strong and resilient have the capacity to thrive in life, since they are more able to pursue their goals, and, when faced with adversity, stay the course, and allow nothing to prevent them from achieving those goals. Goals aside, such people, strangely, seem to become more alive when a great struggle is present, and hardship seems to bring the best out of them.

But what can be said of those men who identify themselves with the other kind of people – the ones who quit, the ones who fold under pressure, and back off when the going gets rough? What can be done for them – the weak ones, the lazy ones, the ones that live smaller, grayer lives?

Do they have no inner strength? Do they have no fierceness, no 'fire in the belly', no resolve to help them push through the storms of life? And if they really have been 'born this way', why don't they feel proud about their weakness, but tend to hide it instead?

No...for none of us are destined for defeat.

Indeed, if we were, we would feel comfortable with failure and weakness, as the fish feels comfortable in the water; the very fact that we hate to be less than what we want to be, tells us a lot about our true nature. Unfortunately, none of us are yet fully what they could be, and most of us are not even close to being that man. We look at those who are bright, masculine, strong and successful, and sigh with regret, wishing that we too, had been 'destined' for something better, like they seemed to have been.

We live in resignation, regret, and even envy, because we don't know the truth...

Deep down, we are all great; in our inner being, there is much strength, love, creativity, and unique passion – but it has not been discovered; it has not been drawn upon. It is not that we have been born to be lesser men than others, lesser humans than others; the inner being of those 'others' has simply been better nurtured and more developed, than ours...

For the world, this verdict is final – you are either born strong, expressive, masculine or creative, or you are not...

And this is where the tragedy lies.

Because we were all meant to be strong, expressive, masculine, and creative; and deep down, we all have such capacities, though they are uniquely shaped...

Deep down, in that hidden heart of hearts, in that treasure, buried since those early years, we all are the man we always wanted to be.

And so, even though most of us have not grown up to become that man, the heart within, with its love, passion, and joy, with its unique set of desires and gifts, can be re-awakened; the inner strength and the willpower can be found and drawn upon...

This is when the miracles begin to happen.

This is when men who have lived all their lives in silent suffering, ignoring and disowning their hearts' desires while nobly doing their duty, begin to fully live, and their whole world is set ablaze with a new hope and a new love for life.

Those who once hated the morning, wake up full of energy.

Those who once suffered with depression and chronic fatigue, feel light-hearted and joyful.

Those who were once numb, fearful and timid, now look the world in the eyes and speak the truth with confidence and passion.

Those who were once helpless captives to their hidden, murderous anger, discover a life of peace, clarity and strength to control their emotions and enjoy their full expression.

The secret is in the inner being, the heart...

If we accept any approach that addresses the body but ignore the forces that give it life, we will simply be introducing a new set of rules, duties and disciplines. This approach might work – for as long as there is sufficient willpower, at least – but if the heart is not engaged, it might simply create a man who is driven, instead of motivated. No, I am not rejecting external actions, challenges, or disciplines – I myself am a man of  meticulous routine – but mere behaviour-managing changes can never be sustained for too long, unless they are fueled from a deeper place. In other words, the external – training, healthy habits, even spiritual practices – must be a way of channeling the forces of the internal, the energy that flows from within, or else they will simply be another burden.

A life of burdens cannot be endured for long, and constant external pressure can make the soul wither – unless it was the soul that demanded it, unless the boundless energy within needed proper expression, to transform its powerful chaos into, even more powerful, order. This is why the athletic, impulsive young boy needs a trainer, if he is to become a pro; this is why the emotive young artist needs a mentor – such people are ready, and indeed, longing for the appropriate external routines, the training, the duties and the principles.


But, long before such thing can be imposed on them, they have been allowed to express themselves in their chaos; they have known the flow of raw, primal enegry from within, rising out from and through the body...

Only then could the beast be tamed; for, if there is no beast, what is there to tame? What strength is there to harness, what power to employ and use for good?

This explains why some men are 'naturally' motivated, while others are not – the strength is in the inner being; the desire to move, live, breathe and achieve, comes from the heart.

Yes, whether we realise it or not, whether we like it or not, we all have a deeper, truer being...

We all have a heart.

And we can be connected back to it...our heart can be ours again; the self within can have a true and deep expression in the world – its passion, love, and its masculine power can be ours again...

But we must be warned here – even if we say 'yes' readily, and are truly open to this challenge: this will take some time, and a lot of hard work. A life from the heart belongs only to those who are willing to fight; victory is given only to those who overcome.

I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, though I'm quite sure you probably know it by now:

You are not everything you could be.

But here is the good news: it's not too late – you can become who you were meant to be...

Victory is yours, but you need to start moving toward it.

Get in touch, and we will begin the journey. Together.

integrated approach:

three in one

1. the outer: your body

2.the inner: your emotions

3.the deeper: your true self

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