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Helping High-Achieving Men Rebuild
The Broken Connection With 

George Stoimenov

If you are a successful man who's over-worked, over-stressed, battling addiction, unable to be at peace and lacking a true sense of connection in your life—with others, with the world and with yourself—you need to stop and take a look 'under the hood' ...

You need to take a deeper journey:

-- a journey of re-connecting to what once made you feel alive;

-- a journey of re-integration of your lost inner strength and courage;

—a journey of reclamation of your lost inner joy;

—a journey of the restoration of your masculinity.

''George has a unique and remarkable depth of understanding around the key issues that modern men face''

—John Richards, 'The Inspiration Programme'

As Featured On

Strong Men Podcast
George Stoimenov

George Stoimenov was born in Bulgaria during the last years of the Communist regime. After years of a tumultuous personal journey of an intense inner search and struggle—culminating in a transformative experience in Zambia in 2011—he is currently living and working in the United Kingdom.

George is a men's coach, author of several books for men, and a public speaker. He runs a coaching practice that serves men who are struggling to develop a good connection to themselves and those around them. George provides his clients with holistic 'training' that has been specifically designed to 're-train' and integrate previously-suppressed aspects of their inner being and masculinity.

Through his coaching business George helps men to overcome issues such as: 

— inability to build and maintain connection with others

— chronic overworking

— inability to rest and feel at peace

— addiction to food, alcohol, or sexual experiences

— body-image issues (Drive for Muscularity)

— outbursts of anger

— father- and mother-wound

— inability to relate to children

— lack of mature masculine expression and behaviour 

— misogyny

— lack of healthy aggression/assertiveness


To contact George, click here.
''I can highly recommend George as a great coach, tutor and motivator. He is very focused, yet acutely aware of what is going on in our non-stop, fast-paced world. He takes time to listen and suggests holistic ways you can solve the issues, challenges or hurdles that might be occurring in your life. George has been invaluable in helping me prepare my mind, body and soul, whether I'm working in front of the camera or behind it.''

— Roberto Gomez Martin, Filmmaker and Senior Lecturer at University of Chichester 
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